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The Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court in Trying Offences against the Administration of Justice:Case study of Thomas Lubango (25689 Views)
How to Realize the Error and its Effect on Conclusion of Electronic Contracts (Comparative Study) (24963 Views)
The jurisdicated courts of cross border Insolvency claims (Comparative study in the laws of Iran, USA and UNCITRAL model law (1997)) (24719 Views)
Basis of Civil Liability of Physicians With A Glance at the New Bill for Islamic Penal Code (24486 Views)
Criminal Conspiracy against People’s Properties, Reputation and Bodies (21457 Views)
A Comparative Study of Signing Commercial Documents through Representation (Draft, Promissory Note, and Cheque) (20772 Views)
Evolution of Protective Principle in the New Islamic Penal Code with Comparative Review (19098 Views)
Courts Intervention in the Arbitration Proceedings in Iranian Law (18363 Views)
The Essence of Inchoate Offences (18267 Views)
The Mortgage of Bills and Using Them as Security/Guarantee in Iranian and British laws (17652 Views)
The Reciprocal Effect of "Res Judicata" in Civil and Penal Judgments (16872 Views)
Party Autonomy in the Private International Law of Contracts (16818 Views)
The elements of aircraft product liability (16797 Views)
Critical Analysis of (16589 Views)
A New Approach to Legislative Signing In the Iranian Contribution (16364 Views)
The Role of the United Nations Security Council in the Implementation of International Criminal Justice (16240 Views)
The Cases of Accessorily in Private Law (15732 Views)
The Relationship between Natural Obligations and Citizenship Obligations (15416 Views)
An Attempt to Rewrite the Theory of Ineffectiveness of Mora’a (15238 Views)
The Requirements of the application of the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) (15155 Views)
Criteria & Examples of (15105 Views)
Study of concept of crime of territorial aggression to emphasis on resolutions of review conference kampala (14852 Views)
The effect of the injured person’s act in civil responsibility (14688 Views)
A comparative analysis of denied based solely on the age of the child defined (14646 Views)
Problems with designating respondent of a claim in civil proceedings (14149 Views)
The Principle of Res Judicata In International Law (13621 Views)
Introduction to the quality of trial in an efficient trial process (13521 Views)
The Principle of the incumbency of Preventing Contingent Damage (13352 Views)
Responsibility of Member states of International Organizations In light of International Law Commission Draft Articles on the Responsibility of International Organizations (13236 Views)
Possibility of Enacting of unified administrative procedure Act (with attention to nature and Characteristics of Administrative tribunals) (13133 Views)
Legality of European ::union:: oil sanction against Iran from the aspect of International law (13080 Views)
An Overview of the USA Patriot Act (13010 Views)
Liability of non-doctor medical team (12681 Views)
Comparative review of the principle ninety commissions and ombudsman institution (12583 Views)
Conflict of laws in torts arising out of breach of competition laws (12581 Views)
Analytical and Comparative Study of “Cyber Crime Act” and “Audio and Visual Act (12580 Views)
The role of media in prevention of crime in Iran criminal policy (12372 Views)
Pathology of Features of Iran Administrative Contract in the Compared with France and England Law (12357 Views)
Vacation of Rental Places on Demand of One of Landlords (12225 Views)
The Comparative Research of Reinsurance in Fegh, Iran Law and Europeans ::union:: (11772 Views)
Interested Party within the Law and Judicial Precedent in Invention Actions (11395 Views)
Trusting the judge Analyzing Article (728) of the Islamic Penal Code according to the Guardian Council's Faghi Views (11366 Views)
A Criticism of the Right to Unrestricted Situational Prevention in Fiqh and Law (11324 Views)
Prevention of Administrative Corruption Emphasizing Information Technology (11172 Views)
Paternalism and Labour Contracts Law (11137 Views)
The Influence of Good Governance on Implementing the Right to Development: (10674 Views)
Symbolic greatness on Hadd punishments and its administrative barriers philosophical and sociological research (10597 Views)
Corporate Crimes: A Criminological Viewpoint (10499 Views)
"Judgment" And "Judicial System": Centralization the Judicial Affairs on the Judiciary (10417 Views)
Privilege Debt (10362 Views)
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