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Basis of Civil Liability of Physicians With A Glance at the New Bill for Islamic Penal Code (17048 Downloads)
Privilege Debt (11954 Downloads)
Responsibility of Member states of International Organizations In light of International Law Commission Draft Articles on the Responsibility of International Organizations (11112 Downloads)
The Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court in Trying Offences against the Administration of Justice:Case study of Thomas Lubango (7971 Downloads)
Criteria & Examples of (6258 Downloads)
Introduction to the quality of trial in an efficient trial process (5734 Downloads)
Courts Intervention in the Arbitration Proceedings in Iranian Law (5472 Downloads)
The Mortgage of Bills and Using Them as Security/Guarantee in Iranian and British laws (4894 Downloads)
Party Autonomy in the Private International Law of Contracts (4689 Downloads)
Analytical and Comparative Study of “Cyber Crime Act” and “Audio and Visual Act (3903 Downloads)
The Relationship between Natural Obligations and Citizenship Obligations (3834 Downloads)
The Principle of the incumbency of Preventing Contingent Damage (3792 Downloads)
Evolution of Protective Principle in the New Islamic Penal Code with Comparative Review (3640 Downloads)
Legality of European ::union:: oil sanction against Iran from the aspect of International law (3408 Downloads)
The effect of the injured person’s act in civil responsibility (3405 Downloads)
The Requirements of the application of the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) (3383 Downloads)
Consideration in Wife's Inheritance in case of her solitary on Base of Shia's Jurisprudence (3315 Downloads)
Efficacy of Administrative Agreements on International Obligations of States (3169 Downloads)
Comparative review of the principle ninety commissions and ombudsman institution (2943 Downloads)
The Cases of Accessorily in Private Law (2816 Downloads)
The Principle of Res Judicata In International Law (2736 Downloads)
Interested Party within the Law and Judicial Precedent in Invention Actions (2714 Downloads)
Theoretical and Practical Achievements of Developmental Criminology (2707 Downloads)
Trusting the judge Analyzing Article (728) of the Islamic Penal Code according to the Guardian Council's Faghi Views (2667 Downloads)
Corporate Crimes: A Criminological Viewpoint (2638 Downloads)
A New Approach to Legislative Signing In the Iranian Contribution (2584 Downloads)
Vacation of Rental Places on Demand of One of Landlords (2547 Downloads)
The elements of aircraft product liability (2433 Downloads)
Specific performance in contractual obligations in Iranian law and modern private law documents (2407 Downloads)
An Attempt to Rewrite the Theory of Ineffectiveness of Mora’a (2359 Downloads)
Rights Of The Accused In The Stage Of Being Under Surveillance In The Criminal Procedure Act And Its Compatibility With English Law (2162 Downloads)
Ratification of International Judicial Agreement in Iran Problems and Solutions (2071 Downloads)
An Overview of the USA Patriot Act (2047 Downloads)
Protection of Copyright in Cyberspace in National Law and International Documents (1913 Downloads)
A comparative analysis of denied based solely on the age of the child defined (1890 Downloads)
ضرورت توجه به ماهیت تعهدات پولی؛ اعتبارهای پولی و امور بانکی (1856 Downloads)
Judicial Rule "The Judex Is Legal Guardian for Refuse and Its Use in the Family Law" (1853 Downloads)
the competance froum for hearing to responsibility case aginst state (1847 Downloads)
Judicial Review to the Administrative Appointments by Administrative Justice Court (1771 Downloads)
Assessment Practices and Attitudes of Pediatric Tehran Court Judges to Jail Alternatives (1629 Downloads)
Legal study of Originality of Literary and Artistic Works (With a Review on Court Ruling Branch 1083 of Tehran Penal Court) (1585 Downloads)
Being protected by sanction of violation of law of looking in to preselling law of building (1571 Downloads)
تدلیس معنوی، تلبیس ریاکارانه و توقع ستایش و تقدیر (1538 Downloads)
Legislation by Reference and Its Problems (1522 Downloads)
Criminological–Islamic approach of the territory of biological factors to criminal behavior (1519 Downloads)
The Purview of the Administrative Justice Tribunal in Appointment of Directors of Non-Governmental Organizations (Case Study on the Director of Social Security Organization) (1472 Downloads)
Place of Proportionality principle between Punishment and offence in Criminal Law of Iran and England (1443 Downloads)
Substantive and Procedural rules of Repentance in the Iranian penal legislation (1278 Downloads)
Multiplicity of the result in tazier according to the Islamic penal act (1274 Downloads)
Class Action and Its Effect on the Protection of Consumer Rights (1254 Downloads)
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